• Tea service

    Josef Hillerbrand, hand painted, 1927

Josef Hillerbrand

The architect and painter, Josef Hillerbrand, was born in Bad Tölz in 1892. Following an apprenticeship, Hillerbrand attended the arts and crafts school in Munich. The famous art nouveau artist, Richard Riemerschmid, who at the time was head of the arts and crafts school, appointed Hillerbrand teacher for decorative painting in 1922.

Although Germany was not able to participate in the arts and crafts show in Paris, due to political circumstances, the style of "art deco" soon arrived in Germany. When subsequently the legendary Deutsche Werkstätten AG in Hellerau started looking for a designer for a new porcelain service in 1927, they chose Josef Hillerbrand as the designer and Nymphenburg as the executive manufactory.

A little later Josef Hillerbrand designed a coffee and tea service (NO. 1122/23) for Nymphenburg. His taut drop shape and the artistically stylised painting make it, today, a sought after classic of the art deco period in Germany.

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