• Artist Jürgen Partenheimer

  • In the master workshops of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg

  • Vessels of the edition "Kalliope", mild firing process

  • Kalliope

    Vessels of the edition "Kalliope"

Jürgen Partenheimer

In the series of Nymphenburg Editions, the internationally renowned artist Jürgen Partenheimer draws on the tradition of sculptural vessels, the designs of which are developed from abstract construction drawings.

Under the title of "KALLIOPE" he developed an edition consisting of three different versions for the NYMPHENBURG PORCELAIN MANUFACTORY. All the vessels are turned by hand, a practice that has rarely been employed in the history of Nymphenburg compared to traditional moulds. The artist allows the vessels to follow their natural rhythm of movement and the drawings that preceded them as a design. The shapes produced in this way reveal the impact and character of the material, they bear traces of the natural metamorphosis of porcelain in its various phases: from the wet form to drying, from firing and glazing to firing once again.

The NYMPHENBURG EDITION of the vessels is available in different designs. Three different shapes are produced in an exclusive set of seven specimens, with all the vessels created in different colour and drawing variations using either glaze or bisque firing. All the vessels have a unique shape and design and are signed and numbered by the artist by hand.

The title of the edition, KALLIOPE, refers to Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, science, and philosophy.

Jürgen Partenheimer, who systematically develops his work from abstraction, is one of the outstanding artists of his generation.

He gained international fame in the 1980s due to his participation in the biennials in Paris, São Paulo, and Venice.

His work is on display at exhibitions in venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Gallery Washington; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Singapore Art Museum; the Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; the Fondacion Miró, Barcelona; the Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Madrid; the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, and the Nationalgalerie Berlin.

In 2011, he installed a spatial exhibition featuring sculptural vessels from the Kalliope edition for the Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory in the Mies van der Rohe Haus exhibition space in Berlin.

His work has won several awards, including the Spanish art criticism award in Madrid; the North Rhine-Westphalia grand prize for the visual arts; the NEA National Endowment for the Arts in New York, and the Canada Council Grant, Montréal. He receives invitations to be an artist in residence at institutions such as Arteleku, San Sebastian; Copan, Sao Paulo; Nietzsche Haus, Sils-Maria; NIROX Foundation, Johannesburg, and has been a guest of honour at Villa Massimo in Rome. He was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merits, First Class, for his international achievements.

Official website: http://www.juergenpartenheimer.de/

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