Michael Pendry

The German-English artist formed the basis for his understanding of space, light, and shadow while studying at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The subjects of stage design and scenography enabled Pendry to develop an understanding of the basics of staging that now allows him to fundamentally change the way we usually perceive everyday things. Among other things, he worked for Dieter Dorn at the Munich Kammerspiele theatre company for two seasons. In his 2009/2010 work “Stern des Südens”, he transformed the wind turbine opposite the Allianz Arena in Munich into a huge, rotating multimedia installation using over 9,000 LEDs. The artist, ever keen to experiment, thereby set new standards in public perception and in exploring the limits of modern art. His monumental works always have a romantic side and enjoy a growing international following.

official website: www.michaelpendry.de

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