Bustelli Twisted (painted)

The work of Wim Delvoye often provokes and juxtaposes by aesthetic contradiction. With subversive irony, Delvoye questions standardized values in our consumer society.

“Bustelli Twisted” is his first work for Nymphenburg and an examination of the history and extensive architectural range of the Manufactory.

His edition derives from two figures of the Commedia dell`Arte, Isabella and Octavio, originally designed for Nymphenburg by Swiss sculptor Franz Anton Bustelli in the years 1759-1760, when Bustelli was artistic director of the Manufaktur Nymphenburg. Considering Nymphenburg´s worldwide outstanding reputation since the 18th Century, these figures are masterpieces within the history of porcelain production. Since the 18th century, both figures have been hand-painted at the Manufaktur Nymphenburg.

Delvoye took these timeless classical figures and distorted them using a computer-aided drafting and design software (CAD). He created a 3-D rendering, incorporating the figure’s original decors, that the Manufaktur could then use to precisely implement his ideas.

The work consists of several single casted elements, which have all been carefully assembled and hand-painted by the Manufaktur´s master craftsmen. In addition, this work consists of hand-made single parts.
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  • Name

    Bustelli Twisted (painted)
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Wim Delvoye, 2010
  • Detail

    Porcelain, glazed, painted
  • Dimensions

    9 × 10 × 19 cm

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