Christoph Keller

When Christoph Keller took over the "Stählemühle" estate by Lake Constance in 2004 after a successful career as an art publisher and discovered an old distillery there, which he brought back to life, he had no idea that just a few years later he would be considered one of the 10 best distillers in the world by Gault Millau and Destillata – and a veritable "legend" among distillers at least since his work as Master Distiller of "Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald Dry Gin".

The goals and motivation behind Keller's work at the distillery were very modest: to revive the traditional old craft of distillery, deeply rooted in alpine culture and cuisine, through plenty of expertise and, meticulous, almost scientific work, while also returning to traditional craftsmanship and using rare old fruits.

More than 200 different raw ingredients are distilled at Stählemühle, many in small and micro batches of 10 to 200 bottles for enthusiasts. These are in such great demand in high-end top gastronomy from Sylt to Sankt Moritz, as well as among many fine brandy connoisseurs and enthusiasts, that Keller's brandies are often sold out even before they've been bottled.

Classic distillery fruits such as apricots, plums, mirabelle plums, raspberries, quinces, and William's pears are processed at the traditional distillery by Lake Constance, as well as rare wild fruit varieties (e.g. rowan berries, viburnum, yew, cornelian cherries), exotic fruits like blood oranges and prickly pears, single-variety herbs, vegetables, nuts, and even mushrooms.

Brandies from Stählemühle are the finest distillate rarities and sensory sensations, handmade by individualists who strive for the perfect likeness of nature in a single, concentrated taste experience. And so the manufactory's motto is also "Perfectio in spiritu" – perfection of the spirit!

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