Paper bin

Be honest now, how much time do you spend at your desk every day? Eight hours or even more? That would mean that you had earned yourself a couple of companions that are as reliable as they are elegant. This paper basket designed by Konstantin Grcic in 1999 rids workaholics of that tiresome paperwork. Each individual perforation of the hole pattern is cut by hand before the earthenware is placed in the kiln. This can result in slight changes in the perfect geometric shape of the conical body. That is an effect that Grcic, as a designer, especially appreciates, because it is what makes each piece unique.
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  • Name

    Paper bin
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Konstantin Grcic, 1999
  • Detail

    Porcelain white, glazed
  • Dimensions

    24 x 24 x 24 cm

Designer · Konstantin Grcic

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