Dessert plate

The Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg deliberately shies away from new technology and employs traditional hand-craft methods. The different artists and designers bring their own contemporary input to enrich the workshop’s repertoire with their own ideas. Viennese graphic and product designer Sebastian Menschhorn is one of them. His tattoo-like flowers of life have thus far adorned numerous traditional figures. But his stylised blossoms, thistles and pods can now also be found on Wolfgang von Wersin’s Lotus service.
  • Family

  • Name

    Dessert plate
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Wolfgang von Wersin, 1932
  • Decor

    Sebastian Menschhorn, 2011
  • Detail

    Lotos/820, Flowers of life, Ø 19 cm
  • Dimensions

    Ø 19 cm

Designer · Sebastian Menschhorn

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