Dessert plate

Nymphenburg is the last purist workshop in Germany to produce all its plates and cups by hand on turning wheels. So, for example, this piece from Wolfgang von Wersin’s Lotus range is a quality unique piece even before it is painted. But Sebastian Menschhorn’s oriental flowers of life make it even more unmistakeable. The fine purple lines of this tattoo-like design are painted free-hand in the master workshops on the Nördliche Schlossrondell.
  • Family

  • Name

    Dessert plate
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Wolfgang von Wersin, 1932
  • Decor

    Sebastian Menschhorn, 2011
  • Detail

    Lotos/820, Flowers of life, Ø 21 cm
  • Dimensions

    Ø 21 cm

Designer · Sebastian Menschhorn

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