Angela Missoni

“I always have to be doing something, especially with my hands: making changes, moving things, reorganising them, improving them,” confesses Angela Missoni, who was born in Milan in 1958. The dedicated all-rounder was like a new lease of life for her parents’ designer knitwear label that rose to fame in the sixties with its distinctive zigzag pattern.

She hired famous photographers such as Mario Testino for her campaigns and starting in 1997, as manager and chief designer, she systematically expanded the Missoni product line. She contracted licences for furniture, home accessories and tableware that won numerous accolades as a home collection. She was the driving force behind a children’s collection as well as a line of eyewear, and in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, opened at her own initiative, the first of a planned total of 30 Missoni hotels.

In 2003, the porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg invited the versatile fashion designer to clothe its Corine figurine in a new dress.

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