Installation Projects

The Nymphenburg Arts and Design Programme incorporates installation art in order to expand the conventions on how porcelain objects are displayed. Nymphenburg works with international artists and designers to pursue paths beyond the realm of the usual through their installations.

The materiality of porcelain calls into question the historical artistic concepts of the objet trouvés and the ready-made, which have been representative of installation art since the 20th century. Unlike in the case of found or industrially produced objects, the artists work with the experts at the master workshops to develop all the porcelain elements entirely by hand.

Narrative, spatial installations shift the perspective on porcelain objects. The individual components are seen in relation both to each other and to the surrounding space. There are no frames separating the art from the observer – the piece and the space merge together, creating a special environment. Location-specific artistic practices create space-spanning situations in which the focus is on the atmosphere, the person, and their perceptions of the play with porcelain.

Installation Projects

Michele Oka Doner

The installation called “Down to Earth” transforms the historic kilns of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg with their alchemical past clearly visible in the residues on the bricks into magical places.