• Measuring out of the pigment powder in the manufactory’s own laboratory

  • Wall with overview of the colour samples in the manufactory’s own laboratory

  • Storage of an individual colour pigment with precise designation, decoration and colour number

  • Mixing of the colour pigment with turpentine and clove oil

Colours of your choice

Our artists are demanding. As are our customers. Especially when it comes to colours. This is why the craftsman at the manufactory master workshops came up with the idea of establishing a colour laboratory. That was more than 266 years ago. Today, over 15,000 colour formulas are being preserved here, and paints made from thousands of pigments and oxides are produced for colouring. The colours used to paint on decorations are created for our artisans and customers from thousands of pigments and colouring oxides. We can develop a range of colours especially for your family or company and guarantee decades of accurate reproduction of the colour shades and nuances. Do you dream of a turquoise as fresh and bright as the bays of the Costa Smeralda? Then look no further...

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