Prizes & Trophies

"And the winner is..." From the skiing world championship to the Prix du Design, from the Bavarian Film Award to the World Super Yacht Award: a handmade Nymphenburg trophy is presented at all these renowned events. And thanks to the manufactory’s extensive repertoire of moulds and figurines, there is also a suitable patron present at each occasion: the Goddess of Victory, Nike, watches over the award winners of the Bavarian print media; Ted Muehling's volute bowl selects the most elegant sports yachts; Joseph Wackerle's skier crowns the courage of the downhill skiers, and Bustelli’s Pierrot honours the performances of national and international actors. Motorsports fans will also be delighted when ADAC, the German automobile club, honours racing drivers with the Saint Christopher. For years, Nymphenburg has been responsible for the design of more than 20 international awards. Each year, more trophies are added, which include both new designs, as well as modifications of existing characters and objects designed according to client specifications.

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