Apprentice figure ceramformer (m/f/d)

Apprentice figure ceramformer (m/f/d)

Imagination and patience!

The figure ceramist makes porcelain figures of very different types. These can be people, animals, plants or simply mythical creatures.

The liquid porcelain mass is poured into extremely complicated plaster molds and your task is to solve this puzzle. For this purpose, there is a construction plan that will help you to create the perfect porcelain.

But this is only one part of your work. The next step, for which you are equally responsible, is the lifelike elaboration of your porcelain pieces down to the smallest detail.

It is for this attention to detail that our manufactory and the artisans who craft these treasures are world famous.

However, since not everything can be made with the help of plaster molds, the realization of products in the purest handwork, which is created by the shape of your hands, is a task that will come to you.

As a prospective figure ceramist, you will learn these techniques during the 3-year apprenticeship.

In the vocational school in Selb, Upper Franconia, you will be prepared in block lessons for the practical work in the company and learn the theory of porcelain production.

Only a few apprentices nationwide learn exactly this profession.

In addition to high-quality training in one of the world's best manufactories, you will have real career prospects with us.

If these varied tasks appeal to you, we look forward to receiving your application.

Please send it with complete documents by email to: