• Dandelion tea set

Dandelion tea set

The Dandelion Collection is adorned by a dandelion decoration that was developed in the master workshops of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg in 2014. A large ball of delicate little parachutes that gleam in the light decorates the Lotos tea tray by Wolfgang von Wersin. The dandelion bud first unfurls its full splendour when it bloomed. The beauty of the blossom is a matter of moments. At the first breath of wind, the little parachutes begin to dance in the wind – they fall, float, and twist about. All pieces bear the personal touch of the craftsmen involved in their creation. Each individual piece in the collection is created as a unique object and bears a different blossom.

Inspired by botany, flowers have adorned the manufactory’s repertoire of decorations since the 18th century. A flower motif is first framed by a graphically broken up line that emphasises the elegantly delicate composition of scientifically drawn and seemingly fleeting decorative elements. Wersin’s New Objectivity-style Lotos service from 1929 serves as the motif bearer for the decoration, which unfurls over the tea tray and mug. Lotos' simple basic form and the thin, translucent-looking porcelain are in perfect harmony with the delicacy of the painted decoration. The filigree plant of the Dandelion Collection has always been seen as a mystical flower for making wishes come true, wishes that are borne on the wind by the little parachutes.

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