Animal bowls

As with her service, Nymphenburger sketches, Hella Jongerius' Animal bowls reflect her intense familiarity with the artistic history of Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg. This collection brings shapes, figures and designs from a variety of periods and backgrounds together in a playful and light style. From the treasure of historic shapes containing around 700 animal figures at the manufactory, in the year 2004 Jongerius selected five designs and placed them in simple bowls. She then supplemented the naturalistic painting of the snail, bird, rhinoceros, deer and hare with a different pattern from Nymphenburg's painting archives – from designs originally intended for a soup tureen right up to a drawing of the plumage of a guinea fowl. In 2012 the series is continued with three Animal bowls in a new design, which stage the historic animal figures fox, dog, and frog.

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