Raven play a role in sages and faerie tales all over the world. In Norse mythology they symbolise wisdom. The god Odin always had two black ravens with him who sat on his shoulders and reported everything happening in the world to him.
This wisdom is reflected in Jack the raven, a design by Wilhelm Neuhäuser from 1911. The artist from Dachau was more fascinated with birds on a scientific level. Ravens are the most intelligent birds. For example, they have shown in experiments the ability to plan complete actions in advance. The black bisque surface lends Jack the Raven a hint of the mythical and the lustre of wisdom.
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  • Design

    Wilhelm Neuhäuser, 1911
  • Decor

    in black biscuit, 2012
  • Detail

    Black biscuit
  • Dimensions

    38 x 14 x 16 cm

Biscuit · Black

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