What distinguished the royal hare from its fellow creatures? The slim stature? The long ears? Principally, its posture. Even in a calm, crouched position, a magnificent example such as Theodor Kärner’s hare Anton that is lying on the ground in white bisque has a majestic countenance. Was his model example at home in the Nymphenburg palace grounds? Very probably. This is because, as we know, the ingenious animal modeller carried out in-depth nature studies before he designed such perfectly modelled figures as Anton the royal hare for the master workshops of the manufactory.
  • Family

  • Name

  • Product Number

  • Design

    Theodor Kärner, 1917
  • Decor

    in white biscuit, 2002
  • Detail

    White biscuit
  • Dimensions

    30 x 11 x 18 cm


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