Where would the world of art be without Dürer’s Hare? And where would it be without this splendid specimen called Lamprecht by Theodor Kärner? The sculptor from Hohenberg came to Nymphenburg in 1905 and during his thirteen-year tenure emerged as the most important designer in the area of Nymphenburg animal figures. “Natural life also has its right to art” proclaimed Otto Pelka during his time. And, as this figure shows, Kärner knew how to combine the two at the highest level. At an impressive size of 28 centimetres, Lamprecht the Hare represents quite a challenge to the modellers and shapers. He can thank his old German name Lamprecht for his nickname "Lampe".
  • Family

  • Name

  • Product Number

  • Design

    Theodor Kärner, 1913
  • Decor

    in white biscuit, 2002
  • Detail

    White biscuit, 28cm height
  • Dimensions

    height 28 cm


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