by Wolfgang von Wersin

The Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg owes one of its most important 20th century services to the architect and designer Wolfgang von Wersin. Wersin designed the Adonis shape for Nymphenburg in the New Objectivity-style and it is still one of the manufactory's most beautiful shapes today. The surface refracts the light in fine relief grooves and makes the porcelain seem almost transparent in the interplay of shadow. The minimal painted decoration emphasises the simplicity of the timeless modern design's structure. Designed in 1932 as a coffee service, Adonis was added to the master workshops' repertoire as a dining service as well in 1951/56. Made with a matt biscuit edge or with a glazed edge, painted freely by hand entirely in white or with a fine stitching decoration in black or fine 24-carat gold, Adonis still embodies luxurious-looking elegance today.


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