• Die/das Maß, 2014

    Porcelain white, biscuit

Die/das Maß

Die/das Maß 2014
Edition 25 + 2 AP
Porcelain white, biscuit
Seven litre

With The Mug, Rolf Sachs takes on the beer mug - the classic archetype of drinkware in German drinking culture. However, this mug differs in two respects from commercially available mugs: First, it is seven times as large as the well-known one-litre measure, constituting a palpable expression of the “maßvoll/maßlos”-dichotomy - roughly translated as modest/limitless (“maß” is a homonym in German, referring to both a beer mug as well as a unit of measurement). Second, Sachs uses quality bisque porcelain, instead of moulded glass or earthenware, from the master workshops of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, a material not suitable for mass production, but for quality craftsmanship and artistic appreciation. With the scale and material transformation of the beer mug, Sachs has collaborated with Nymphenburg to create an entirely new tactile and visual, almost surreal perception, deliberately confusing viewers but putting a grin on their faces at the same time.

In his ‘typisch deutsch?’exhibition at the MAK, Cologne, 14th January till 21st April 2014, for which the jar out of Nymphenburg porcelain has been created, artist and designer Rolf Sachs condenses his personal reflections on those allegedly German attributes and stereotypes in an exciting selection of objects and installations. The exhibits are enveloped by a subtle network of associative connections, playing with concepts such as industriousness, cleanliness, homeliness and narrow-mindedness, as well as angst, yearning and wanderlust, each telling us about the multi-faceted aspects of German culture.

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