Four Seasons

Four Seasons
Edition 100
Mirror, teapot, wine jug, candlestick
Porcelain, drapery

The FOUR SEASONS symbolises the coming and going, growing and maturing, impermanence and renewal. Hella Jongerius has employed traditional seasonal symbols on her set. The items and the graphic style of painting were created by Hella Jongerius. However, she took the heads and faces of the seasons that Flora, Ceres, Bacchus and Pomona stand for from Dominikus Auliczek's FOUR SEASONS and combined them with the for Nymphenburg typical decorative elements of filigree blossom painting and applied porcelain flowers. Jongerius assigned a mirror to spring, a teapot to summer – and the heads have been adorned with attributes typical of the season, e.g. flowers and wheat ears in the hair. Autumn, the time of harvest, is represented by a wine jug and winter by a candlestick. In Jongerius' designs, the vanitas symbols representing the seasons range from the mirror promising beauty to a holder for a dying candle – the eternal cycle of nature as a metaphor for the cycle of life.

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