Hidden Wealth

Set 1: decor iron-oxide red, 6 people incl. mirror table (90 × 180 cm)

Set 2: decor iron-oxide red, 12 people incl. mirror table (120 × 300 cm)

Set 3: decor vine leaves, 6 people incl. mirror table (90 × 180 cm)

Set 4: decor vine leaves, 12 people incl. mirror table (120 × 300 cm)

It was already during his studies at the Royal College of Arts that the London designer, Khashayar Naimanan, designed the Hidden Wealth service for Nymphenburg – a service which turns the conventions of porcelain painting on their head: Nymphenburg's mark is located on the top of the simple service with the complex paintings of Nymphenburg's designs being hidden underneath. Naimanan selected two floral patterns for HIDDEN WEALTH: one from the rococo period with naturalistic sometimes stylised blossoms in warm brilliant colours and leaves made from 24-carat gold as well as a classical empire design with a gilded vine that was originally used to adorn a tea service. Experts must usually check the marks on the bottom of porcelain pieces. But this design makes the actual value of the pieces immediately apparent on first inspection. While the splendour beneath the plain appearance of the mark remains concealed to cursory glances.