Arkanum plate

Already during his degree course at the London Royal College of Art Khashayar Naimanan experimented with possible forms of concealment and deception. He created a service full of splendor and beauty for the Nymphenburg manufactory in the form of Hidden Wealth, the decoration of which escapes the chance glance of the observer. Arkanum is also based on the principle of concealed luxury: Leaves and blossoms in black and platinum which resemble silhouettes adorn the bottom sides of the plates and cups. And the Nymphenburg signet on the plain, pure white porcelain becomes the focal point on the upper side.
  • Family

    Hidden Wealth
  • Name

    Arkanum plate
  • Product Number

  • Decor

    Khashayar Naimanan, 2011
  • Detail

    Lotos, white, glazed, hand painted
  • Dimensions

    Ø 21 cm

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