Romantic Sublime

Romantic Sublime, 2010
Horse sculptures
Edition 6 + 2 AP, sold out
L×W×H: 28 × 41 × 63 cm
Porcelain glazed, painted

Philadelphia-born artist Karen Kilimnik, who rose to international fame during the 90s, is a key figure on the contemporary art scene whose designs were implemented in the masters’ workshops of the Manufactory in exquisite porcelain. ROMANTIC SUBLIME is her first work for Nymphenburg and an examination of the history and extensive architectural range of the Manufactory.

Her artistic works start with a historical design from the first half of the twentieth century. Karen Kilimnik’s influence turns the porcelain horse with its characteristically raised front legs into a sculpture of pop culture. During the creation process, the artist collaborated closely with the masters of the Manufactory. And so it was that these many months of intense cooperation with Nymphenburg gave rise to a series of seven handmade horse sculptures, each with their own unique Pinto colouring and ornamental painting.

The interplay of romantic tradition and consumer culture gives Kilimnik’s pieces a sense of beauty which is both striking and simultaneously unique. “The world of ballet and childhood, of romantic painting and pop music, of icons from film and fashion, of witchcraft, time travel and murder all contain a symbolism which is transported from both a long-gone and recent past into an unsettling present. In a world in which youth, terror and the forces of nature are having a frightening impact, Kilimnik’s art lets us aspire towards a romantic grandeur again.” (Karen Schaffner, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia).

Unfazed, Kilimnik cultivates her sense of romance and knowingly keeps a critical eye on human yearning and projections which concentrate on highly-acclaimed works of Fine Art, but also on the celebrities and superstars of the fleeting world of popular culture. Her works put the real world into a cosmos of daydreams and memories, which can at times seem softer, at times more sinister than reality.

Her ROMANTIC SUBLIME edition for Nymphenburg was presented at the Art Basel 2010 exhibition and sold out very quickly.

In Nymphenburg, handmade works of art are manufactured as single objects or as strictly limited editions according to the designs of contemporary artists who count among some of the most widely-renowned creators of art worldwide. Well-known artists like Carsten Höller, Olaf Nicolai and Wim Delvoye focus intensely on the historical and cultural context of Nymphenburg and express their outstanding artistic visions in the highest quality porcelain.

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