Skull edition with beetle pattern

Inspired by the unique magnificence of nature, beetles have been adorning the decorative repertoire in manufacture since the 18th century. An extremely rich variety of the colourful small animals is, of course, also represented on contemporary designs and artefacts.Each individual artefact in the addition carries the personal signature of the artisan who was involved in its creation, and every single artefact is conceived as a unique piece with variations in its decorative painting. The common denominator in all artefacts is the particularly lively play of colours in delicate the lustre painting with gold and platinum details, which emphasise the extravagant composition of scientifically-illustrated beetles originating from a range of exotic and native strains.
  • Family

    Skull Edition
  • Name

    Skull edition with beetle pattern
  • Product Number

  • Design

    limited edition, 2012
  • Detail

    White glazed with beetle decor, inclusive wooden box, limited edition (25 pcs.), sold out
  • Dimensions

    16 x 16 x13 cm

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