Don Brown, 2014

Yoko XXXVI, 2014
Limited edition 20 + 5 AP
Porcelain white, biscuit
Height: 42 cm

The British artist Don Brown created the figurine “Yoko XXXVI” from white bisque porcelain in collaboration with the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg. Brown has been producing different kinds of sculptural portraits of his wife for more than 15 years now. In this cycle of works, he has for the first time immortalised Yoko in porcelain, in collaboration with the Nymphenburg master workshops. The graceful figurine made from the finest white bisque porcelain stands on a pedestal. In a long process, working closely with the Nymphenburg product development team, the artist has achieved an almost naturalistic representation that’s accurate down to the last detail. The first five figures were modelled by Don Brown by hand. He worked on both these individual pieces and on the limited art edition with the highest degree of precision in order to do justice to his realism, which stands out thanks to its fine details and precision.

The British artist Don Brown mainly produces sculptural pieces. The artist became known for his portraits of his wife Yoko. The contemplative calm and tenderness of his figures are a key stylistic characteristic of his work. He mainly uses materials such as bronze, coloured acrylic, and silver. In this collaboration with the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, Brown has created a piece in porcelain for the first time. His figurines are studies of the human body and its individual posture. Unlike classical sculptures, which embody an ideal image and strive to adhere to strict iconographic objectives, Brown’s sculptures are committed to an almost naturalistic realism.

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