A Walk on the Beach

The new jewellery collection by Ted Muehling

„I never leave the beach without a treasure in my pocket," admits Ted Muehling. What kind of finds the renowed US American designer brings back from his walk by the sea, shows the jewellery collection „A Walk on the Beach“. The snail- and shell-like shapes of finest bisque porcelain were made in cooperation with the master craftsmen in the manufactory studios: small oyster shells in black shard, sea shell pendants and earrings in white bisque or ivory glazed porcelain. Some of them are crowned by a freshwater pearl.

With this current jewellery collection for Nymphenburg, you can now also wear Muehling's poetic interpretations of nature with jeans or an evening dress. "In our high-tech world, we want to be touched by delicacy and elegance," says the New York artist. How true. That's why people love wearing his porcelain artefacts on their skin. If you want, you can also put the little treasures in your pocket, of course.

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