Grace by Ted Muehling

The forms of nature in all its rich variations

Artist and jewellery designer Ted Muehling has found his perfect subject matter – the forms of nature in all its rich variations. From antique drawers and glass cabinets in his New York atelier he produces filigree designs – highly recognisable pieces of jewellery. “I tried over time to develop a language which is based on the wide variety of forms and sensory surfaces of the things we find in nature. In our highly technicised world we want to be touched by this fineness and elegance.”

His work with nature also features as the starting point for his first jewellery collection for Nymphenburg – flacons which are based on the form of small turtles and pendants which look like delicate capsules. The fragile appearance of these wonderful pieces hides their internal hardness – the porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures, coated with a specially developed glaze and thus transformed into a remarkably durable material. All the pendants are worn on a silk cord.

Since 1999 Ted Muehling has created a whole series of objects for Nymphenburg, including vases, lanterns and candlesticks, the “Maritime Collection” with snail and mussel shells, the “White Coral” series and the butterfly collection – a plain service decorated with butterfly motifs.

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