Jewellery collection for Oktoberfest

The “Waldeslust” jewellery collection from the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg transforms any outfit into a real head-turner – at the beer festival or a summertime forest festival. Whether you choose the antler or the edelweiss, the two elegant new pendants made from white bisque porcelain add a truly special touch to any outfit. These unique pieces of jewellery can be combined with a pale blue or dark brown hand-stitched suede cord as desired. The wild and romantic edelweiss grows in the hands of the master craftsmen in the manufactory studio as they carefully shape and join individual petals into blossoms freehand. The delicate, handmade antler adorns not only the heads of deer, but also the throats of stylish men and women. Traditional costumes are in fashion – not just in October, but the whole year round.