Stählemühle Final Distiller's Cut

"You should finish on a high note," says Christoph Keller. At the height of his breath-taking career as a distiller, he will cease to operate Stählemühle on 31 December 2018. Over 600 different varieties of exclusive brandies and spirits, in demand worldwide, have flowed through the pistons of his distillery over the past 15 years, many of which have been awarded international prizes.
But before the master turns to new tasks, he has developed a final limited edition of the highest quality exclusively for Nymphenburg, which reflects Keller's commitment to traditional craftsmanship and his love of nature in equal measure.
The "Final Distiller's Cut" is the essence of a traditional Bavarian pear variety that has become very rare nowadays. So rare, in fact, that their particularly aromatic spirit has hitherto been reserved for major players in international politics. In a limited edition of 200 pieces, the rarity will be poured into bottles made of the finest matt black bisque porcelain as a premiere and finale at the same time. The fine porcelain facilitates the maturation process of the brandy, thus greatly enhancing the taste experience of the rare wild fruit. The simple, black Aqua Vitae bottle was developed especially for this purpose in the master studios of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg. Each piece in this Black Edition is handmade and also bears a white bisque porcelain medallion with the Stählemühle logo.

The "Final Distiller's Cut" marks the conclusion of Keller's distilling career in a way that is true to style. The edition reflects the highest standards of quality, workmanship, and design. Each bottle is a real collector's item.

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