Snail salt

Adding salt and pepper alone has lost its charm. These days, a gourmet chef will look as far as sea salts enriched with lavender and hibiscus blossoms. So what could be more appropriate than serving these in matching receptacles? In the Maritime Collection of the US designer Ted Muehling, this small, porcelain sea snail can be found among shells, vases and lanterns. The pretty circles, made from fine biscuit porcelain, form a small dish, glazed in celadon.
  • Family

    Salt & Pepper
  • Name

    Snail salt
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Ted Muehling, 2000
  • Detail

    White biscuit, celadon glazed
  • Dimensions

    7 x 5 x 4 cm

Salt & Pepper

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