• Commissioned piece with filigree monogram and coloured band

  • Monogrammed gold coupe plate

  • Rich gold staffage with monogram on a rococo plate for Villa Belvedere

  • Detailed view of gold monogram on coupe plate

  • Monogram on plate with gold bead decoration and jagged staffage of the royal service decoration

  • Königservice pearl plate with individual vedute motive

  • Pearl plate with black background and initials

  • Richly scalloped plate with Russian crest and motto


What would a work of art be without a signature? A sports club without a prominent badge? A global corporation without trademarks? Such things are mere common property. We at Nymphenburg know this only too well in our daily dealing with our handmade one-of-a-kind items. A monogram, on the other hand, sends out a signal, it emphasises the value and individuality of the item. Lavishly decorated and meticulously wrought, the artistically crafted letters form a personal trademark. This is because only a signature makes a beloved piece completely distinctive. And the artisans at our master workshops will create a completely personalised signature for you.

Contact: Consulting and product developement

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