An aesthetic of imperfection

Porcelain as delicate as paper, light in every sense, combined with an aesthetic of imperfection and yet wrought with absolute perfection. Porcelain innovative in form and style, and yet exuding the spirit of 260 years of craft tradition – that is Lightscape. This 18-piece set of vases and tableware continues Nymphenburg’s series of collaborations with the most distinguished contemporary artists and designers. With Lightscape, Argentine-born Ruth Gurvich created an edition which is based entirely on paper models and which may be used anywhere thanks to its formal openness: in the kitchen, on the table or in the living room. Her designs have turned paper into a principle, a virtuoso parade of paper characteristics such as creases, folds and tautness.

Ruth Gurvich's artist edition, "Hunting Sketches", is inspired by the forest, the nature of the Nymphenburg Palace park. The hare, deer, and other animals are captured in poetic watercolours by the argentinian designer and immortalised on porcelain with the finest squirrel hair brushes. Each piece in the collection is a unique artist's original, created during Ruth Gurvich‘s numerous visits to the manufactory studios.


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