Arkanum box, two-piece

The development of the table ornaments is closely linked with the glittering career of porcelain at the electors’ courts of Europe. At all times plates, cups and tureens served as richly ornamented show pieces. The splendour of the floral decorations, gold jewellery and ornaments repeatedly reached new design highlights. But no-one had ever had the confidence to produce something like this: The British product designer Khashayar Naimanan very deliberately places the precious, hand-painted motifs of his Arkanum service on the bottom of the porcelain. The characteristic Nymphenburg signet is the only thing you can still see from above the set.
  • Family

    Hidden Wealth
  • Name

    Arkanum box, two-piece
  • Product Number

  • Decor

    Khashayar Naimanan, 2011
  • Detail

    Lotos, white, glazed, hand painted
  • Dimensions

    length 15 cm, width 12 cm, height 5 cm

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