Tall christ with INRI

Like Franz Anton Bustelli, Franz Ignaz Günther is among the Manufactory's most important Rococo sculptors. However, in contrast to his fellow craftsmen, he devoted himself to church interiors, altars and robed figures. In 1754, Prince Elector Max III Joseph authorised him to work outside the court and commissioned a crucifix. Thus presumably in 1756, Günther designed this 41-centimetre-tall figure of Christ that was to hang on an ebony cross. The slim body of Jesus on the cross, with his fluttering loincloth, is reproduced in exact detail and each of the up to 100 thorns in his crown is made individually by hand.
  • Family

    Sacred figures
  • Name

    Tall christ with INRI
  • Product Number

  • Design

    Ignaz Günther, approx. 1756
  • Detail

    Body with INRI, ivory glazed; including skull, bones and cross
  • Dimensions

    41 x 20 x 5 cm

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