Design: August Goehring
Details: porcelain, glazed
Measurements: 14 x 6 x 19 cm

Product number: 10001775

710 Euro

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The international career of the Nymphenburg animal figures was initiated at the beginning of the 20th century. Artists such as Theodor Kärner, Josef Wackerle, August Göhring and Luise Terletzki-Scherf shaped the unmistakable style of the manufactory the first giving their figures a lifelike representation while Scherf created animals with an idiosyncratic character and unique colours. Today the Nymphenburg range includes over 700 animal figurines. To be immortalized as an artifact is by no means reserved for specific genres. On the contrary, the manufactory's extensive repertoire of figures also includes other inconspicuous, but no less charming, creatures. With that said, even snails, mice, deer and robins enjoy the highest levels of sympathy both nationally and internationally.