Bowl | Perl | Symphony blue

Family: Perl
Decoration: Symphony blue
Design: Dominikus Auliczek, 1792/95
Details: porcelain, glazed, moderately painted
Measurements: 22 x 22 x 12 cm

Product number: 10013550

960 Euro

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Visionary design

The most pioneering design by the Bohemian sculptor Dominikus Auliczek is the PERL service in Louis Seize style, which owes its name to a string of pearls surrounding each individual piece. For the first time in European porcelain history, Auliczek based a service on a 12-sided dodecagon - instead of the customary circular shape. Various service items, such as cups and tureens, were also decorated with three-dimensional acanthus leaves - a typical motif in classical art and architecture that Auliczek was able to study on his travels through Italy. Decorated with sepia vista and lavish blue and gold, it was reserved exclusively for the Wittelsbach family as the BAVARIAN ROYAL SERVICE until the beginning of the 20th century. Today PERL is also available in white and three in-glaze decors (blue, yellow, green) as well as trimmed in pure gold or platinum or color of your choice.

Zwölf Ecken die das Runde revolutionieren