Salt and pepper snail set

Design: Ted Muehling
Details: porcelain, outside white biscuit, glazed inside
Measurements: 7 x 5 x 4 cm

Product number: 10015710

240 Euro

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Salt & pepper

Whether fleur de sel or Himalayan salt, Indian or Tasmanian pepper: Seasoning is no longer just the chef’s domain, but is part of good manners at the table. Luckily. The Nymphenburg repertoire of pepper and salt vessels is just as rich as the range of grains and crystals of all colours - from Ted Muehling's poetic snails in biscuit porcelain to Wenzel Hasler's ribbed baskets. Konstantin Grcic's collection of shakers, based on historical electrical insulators, enrich every table.

Salz & Pfeffer