Small bowl | Lightscape | M

Family: Lightscape
Design: Ruth Gurvich, 2009
Details: porcelain, outside white biscuit, glazed inside
Measurements: 9 x 9 x 3 cm

Product number: 10019193

100 Euro

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The aesthetics of the imperfect

Porcelain, as delicate as paper, light and transparent at the same time, committed to an aesthetic of the imperfect, but developed with absolute perfection, innovation in form and style and yet expressing the spirit of 275 years of craftsmanship - that is Lightscape. With the compact collection, Nymphenburg is continuing the series of independent projects with important contemporary artists and designers. With Lightscape, Ruth Gurvich, originally from Argentina, created a series that is based entirely on paper models and, thanks to its formal openness, can be used universally: in the kitchen, at the table, in the living room. Her designs augment paper to a principle, a virtuoso with the peculiarities of the material, showing creases, folds and tension. "Hunting Sketches" on Lightscape is a series of hand-painted unique pieces, inspired by the nature of the Nymphenburg palace park. The Argentine designer captures rabbits, deer and other animals in poetic watercolours where they are on the hunt rather than being hunted. Using the finest squirrel hair brushes, each piece in the collection is an artist's original that was created during Ruth Gurvich's numerous stays at the manufactory's studios.

Die Ästhetik des Unperfekten