Cula set | Olaf Nicolai

Design: Olaf Nicolai
Year of Release: 2010
Limited edition: 20 + 4 AP
Details: porcelain, black biscuit
Set consisting of: tea bowl, teapot, tray, booklet, serving towel and wooden box
Measurements: 30 x 14 x 20 cm 

Product number: 10019954

10.160 Euro

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Olaf Nicolai

Olaf Nicolai, born in Halle / Saale in 1962, is one of the leading German contemporary artists. He works conceptually and breaks new ground in order to free art from the classic forms of representation and marketing. He links art with reflections on markets and materialism, with memories and archival material, as well as with scenes from everyday life. He creates artificial landscapes and urban sceneries, enlarges consumer goods into gigantic proportions and works with alienated advertising graphics. Repetition is a constant motif in his work; he is interested in the repetitive nature of images from our memories and our subconscious. Nicolai often incorporates scientific knowledge into his concepts. His fascination for mathematical models, universal algorithms, symbols and regular patterns is evident in many of his installations.

Olaf Nicolai