Skull Voyage (Limited edition 25 pcs.)

Family: Memento Mori
Decoration: Voyage
Details: porcelain, glazed, elaborately painted
Measurements: 16 x 16 x 13 cm

Product number: 10020670

5.810 Euro

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Skull Edition Voyage

Voyage" from the Skull Edition. The three-dimensional still life with the title “Voyage” addresses the transience of everything earthly. All skulls are painted as unique pieces depicting sections of the world map. The monochrome colour choice in shades of brown gives the world map a historical look and is reminiscent of early cartographic depictions of seafarers. As a navigation instrument, the compass is particularly detailed and precise. The extravagant line composition made of 24-carat fine gold evokes associations with trips to distant countries and the associated longings of humanity to discover the world and its treasures.

Skull Edition Voyage