Sauce boat | Lotos

Family: Lotos
Decoration: biscuit, 2008
Design: Wolfgang von Wersin, 1932/36
Details: porcelain, outside white biscuit, glazed inside
Measurements: 21 x 14 x 9 cm

Product number: 10020869

610 Euro

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Timeless elegance

A classic among the services: The Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg owes three of its most important designs to the architect Wolfgang von Wersin, who is known for his “new factual” style. The elegant sets ADONIS, LOTOS and SAIGON were created in the early 30s. For LOTOS, von Wersin chose a simple basic shape with protruding bowls and semicircular, upwardly curved handles; the gentle curvature is reminiscent of open flowers. Due to its liquid and dirt-repellent leaves, the lotus blossom is a symbol of purity in East Asia. This is also reflected in the delicate colours and decors of the thin-walled, translucent porcelain.

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