Skull Water Turtle (Limited edition 25 pcs.)

Family: Memento Mori
Decoration: Water turtle
Details: porcelain, glazed, elaborately painted
Measurements: 16 x 16 x 13 cm

Product number: 10021002

5.810 Euro

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Sea turtles are ambassadors of a longing for vacation paradises: Bali, Tahiti or Fijis, the Australian Great Barrier Reef or the Bahamas. With the help of its paddle-like extremities, the subtropical sea creatures glide gently through the turquoise blue water. The Nymphenburg porcelain painters captured precisely that moment for the Skull Edition "Turtle" with fine squirrel-hair brushes on porcelain. The seemingly incident rays of the sun make the richly decorated armour of the small, streamlined body shimmer in fantastic colours: blue and green tones, rosé and violet, turquoise and fine shades of gray - in order to be able to represent the luminous variety in such a multi-faceted manner, the artisans drew from the rich spectrum of the manufacture's colour laboratory. Each of the seven turtles shown is decorated with an individual painting, some of which is accented with a gold decoration made of 24-carat fine gold.