Tea cup | Orion

Family: Orion
Decoration: biscuit, 2017
Design: Wolfgang von Wersin, 1947
Details: porcelain, outside white biscuit, glazed inside
Measurements: 10 x 10 x 5 cm
Volume: 0,24l

Product number: 10021399

390 Euro

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Honeycombs made of gold

The Orion service, designed by Wolfgang von Wersin in 1947, shines in a golden honeycomb decor. Its honeycomb relief gives Orion its unique, timeless character. The painting developed in the master workshops of Nymphenburg emphasizes the special design of the service: Delicate lines in elegant black or matt 24-carat fine gold trace the shape of the stylized honeycomb. As an ornament for the festive table, as a complete service or as a single masterpiece, Honeycomb evokes memories of liquid honey gold with its precious-looking elegance.

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