Floor tiles | Snow White

Details: porcelain, white biscuit
Measurements: ca. 25 x 17 cm | 17 x 17 cm | 8 x 16 cm | 8 x 8 cm
For individual sizes, designs and price requests please kindly contact us: bespoke@nymphenburg.com

Product number: 10021474

1.860 Euro

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Snow White

Luxury? It’s actually just another word for quality of life. The pleasure lies in the beauty we see and in the quality we feel. With your fingertips, but of course also with the soles of your feet. How does it feel to walk barefoot over the velvety soft surface of the "Snow White" floor tiles? Try it. Because beautiful things invigorate. And handmade ones even more. Every day, in the morning when you walk into the bathroom while still sleepy.

Snow White