Floor tiles | Miss Grip Majolica

Details: Majolica, glazed, Reliefstruktur, rutschhemmend
Measurements: 18,5x18,5cm (oder Maß nach Kandenwunsch)
For individual sizes, designs and price requests please kindly contact us: bespoke@nymphenburg.com

Artikelnummer: 10021476

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Miss Grip

Did you know that there are more sensory cells on the soles of our feet than on our face? Each and every one of them can feel exactly what we are walking on: on freshly mown grass, on wood, stone, earth or a floor made of Nymphenburg majolica. These terracotta tiles have a fine ornamental pattern that is refined with a finish of dark engobe (casting compound) and white glaze. As a result, the structures of the relief come into their own. And the soles of the feet? Gently stimulated while walking.

Miss Grip