Mouse Karl the skier

Details: porcelain, white biscuit
Measurements: 7 x 4,5 x 7,5 cm

Product number: 10021568

290 Euro

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Karl the athlete

When the sun is out, joggers spring up like mushrooms everywhere. But what about when it's cool and rainy? some days, you can barely manage to put on your sneakers, but go for a run? Inner weakness may prevail. For such cases a personal trainer can help. Karl the athlete is a reminder cast from porcelain, reminding us in a charming way of making our daily laps in the fresh air. Not as a moraliser, with a raised index finger and criticism - no, happy and full of vigour, this nine centimetre figure moves us for daily work-outs outdoors and pushes us into a successful sports season.

Karl der Athlet