Robin Dostoyevsky | Andy Hope 1930

Design: Andy Hope 1930
Year of Release: 2019
Limited edition: 6 + 2 AP
Details: porcelain, platinum, elaborately painted
Measurements: 28 x 28 x 44 cm

Product number: 10021460

28.580 Euro

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Robin Dostoyevsky

In the imaginative figure of Robin Dostoyevsky, Andy Hope 1930 merges two personalities into one that at first seem incompatible: on the one hand Robin, Batman's supporter and central hero of the comic series, sometimes also referred to as his "secret" gay friend. On the other hand, the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose novels were published at the time mainly in a serial form corresponding to the comic as feature novels. Graphic elements such as the belt buckle with the initials RD, the black sun with horns as an emblem on the chest and details such as hairstyle, mask or shoes take on an independent position analogous to the comic. Painted from head to toe in platinum, the, according to Hope, "metallic surface contradicts the materiality of the porcelain. And at the same time enhances the ambivalence of the character."

<p>Robin Dostoyevsky</p>