Set of tools by Guenter Loescher | Leonor Antunes

Design: Leonor Antunes
Year of Release: 2019
Limited edition: 25 + 1 AP
Details: porcelain, black biscuit, moderately painted
Measurements: 50 x 3 x 3 cm


Product number: 10021459

8.250 Euro

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A SET OF TOOLS by Günter Löscher

Six tools by Günter Löscher, head of the Nymphenburg moulding shop, were the inspiration for this edition by Portuguese artist Leonor Antunes. It was created as a cooperation between Haus der Kunst and Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg on the occasion of the "Interiorities" exhibition on show in 2019. Antunes alienated the scale by enlarging the filigree tools many times over, thus transforming them into sculpture. The material nature of the original tools - wood and metal - comes to light in the elegant porcelain sculptures, as do the traces of use from decades of manual labour, which the artist pays tribute to in this way. In typical Antunes fashion, the sculpture group poetically breaks through the boundaries of art and everyday design, of artistic genius and collaborative craft practice.

<p>A SET OF TOOLS by Günter Löscher</p>