Four Seasons Summer tea pot | Hella Jongerius

Design: Hella Jongerius
Year of Release: 2007
Limited edition: 100
Details: porcelain, moderately painted
Measurements: 14 x 14 x 12 cm
Volume: 1l

Product number: 10018696

3.540 Euro

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Becoming and passing, growing and maturing, transience and renewal: with this set, Hella Jongerius takes up traditional symbols of the annual cycle. Jongerius took over the faces of the seasons personified by Flora, Ceres, Bacchus and Pomona from Dominikus Auliczek, as well as the typical Nymphenburg decorative elements of flower painting and porcelain flowers. She assigned a mirror to spring and a teapot to summer - the heads carry flowers or ears of corn in their hair typical of the season. Autumn is symbolised by a wine jug and winter by a candlestick. In Jongerius' designs, the vanitas symbolism closely associated with the seasons ranges from the mirror promising beauty to the holder for the burning candle - the eternal cycle of nature as a metaphor for the cycle of life.